Diamonds Lansing, IL

Top GIA Diamonds available at Lansing, IL

For over 28 years, we have been a trusted buyer of precious metals, antiques and collectibles in Lansing and the surrounding suburbs. We offer an honest assessment of your items and we will always pay a fair, competitive price.

We buy:
Gold, silver and platinum
Collectible coins and vintage paper money
Antique and costume jewelry
Military collectibles
Sterling silverware

Engagement Rings

Imagine a custom made engagement ring on your finger that is unique and just the way you wish. Jewelers Lansing, IL has created custom rings for over 15 years. We take an idea, photo, advertisement or sketch and design the ring together with you.

The process starts with a CAD design (Computer-Aided Design). We make a 3-D graphic design of the ring and will email it to you to show family and friends. Changes can be made at this time.

Next, we carve a wax of the design so you can get a feel for the concept and concept of the ring. Once again, changes can be made as requested. You can now see an actual prototype of the design.

We cast the ring in 14 karat, 18 karat or Platinum After you approve the wax. Diamonds or precious stones are set in and your dream ring has become a beautiful reality completely customized from start to finish!

We do all this at a very reasonable price. We are a discount jeweler with an 18-year reputation of quality and fair pricing.

Please stop in for more information on this incredible process.

Gold & Silver

We pay top dollar for gold, silver and platinum. Turn your out-of-style jewelry or any piece that has not been worn in years into cash now. We have been a trusted buyer of precious metals for over 28 years. As a small, family-owned business, we rely on repeat customers so you can be sure we will pay top dollar for gold 10k and up, sterling silver and platinum. Call, e­mail or visit us at our secure location, six days a week.

Coins & Currency

Bring your gold and silver coins, and vintage paper bills to Jewelers Lansing, IL for a no obligation appraisal. We will evaluate your currency, explain to you the current market value for each item, and help you determine if now is a good time to sell. If you decide to sell, we will offer you top dollar. We are an established, local business with a majority of our sales coming from return customers. Our mission is to make our customers feel relaxed and informed. Unlike much of our competition, Jewelers Lansing, IL employees do not have quotas nor do they receive salary bonuses or sales commissions. Our staff focus on serving our customers rather than selling. Jewelers Lansing, IL customers never feel pressured or misled.

Jewelers Lansing, IL is a family-owned business for over 28 years. We have been at our current location for 15 years and will be here long after the pop-up “we buy gold” stores have disappeared into the night.

Call, e-mail or visit us at our secure location, six days a week.


We want to thank you again and tell you how much we like our rings! You truly helped us make great choices! Thanks for helping to make our 40th anniversary very special!


Jewelers Lansing, IL are in the market to buy the items listed below. This is our most wanted list. Many of these items still have value even if they are not in working condition or were not­so- gently used. Please do not attempt to clean or refinish an item before bringing it to us. Some items lose some or all of their value when modern cleaning agents are applied to their original finish. We will give you an honest, real market evaluation of your items at no charge. We can provide a written appraisal for most items for a small fee.


Antique & Costume Jewelry
Gold 10k, 14k, 18k
Broken Gold Jewelry & Chains
Vintage Costume Jewelry
Art Deco Jewelry
Gold­Filled Jewelry
Antique Beaded & Mesh Purses
Vintage Lucite Purses
Bakelite & Old Plastic Jewelry
Gold Class Rings


Diamond Antique Jewelry
Loose Diamonds (All Shapes & Sizes)
Diamond Engagement Rings
Diamond Pins
Diamond Earrings
Diamond Brooches


in any condition; need not be running

Premium Men’s Watches Made Before 1970
Gold, Gold­Filled, Stainless Watches
Vintage Watches
Fine Wristwatches
Pocket Watches
Railroad Watches
Gold Watch Cases

Gold & Silver

U.S. & Foreign Gold & Silver Coins (Any Condition)
Gold & Silver Bars
Gold & Silver Commemorative Coins
Old U.S. Paper Money

Sterling Silver

Sterling Tea Sets
Sterling Flatware (Sets or Individual)
Sterling Silver Trays
Sterling Candelabrum


Old Tiffany Glass Items
Old Brass & Bronze Lamps
Old World’s Fair Items
Old Deco Bronze Statues
Old Oil & Water Color Paintings
Old Prints

Vintage Tube Guitar Amplifiers
Vintage Musical Instruments
Vintage Fender & Gibson Electric Guitars
Vintage Acoustic Guitars
Vintage Audiophile Stereo Equipment


U.S. & Foreign Gold & Silver Coins (Any Condition)
Gold & Silver Commemorative Coins
Old U.S. Paper Money


Dental Gold
All Platinum Items (Including Industrial Scrap)
Old Tin Toys
Old Cap Guns
Old Military Items (Civil War, WW I, WW II, Vietnam)
Old Fountain Pens
Old Political Buttons
Old Wind­Up Clocks
Old Candlestick Phones